Monday, April 20, 2009

How to Make Money With No Money

It is very easy to start a good business these days if you have a large amount of money to invest but I will show you how to make money starting with no money. Now one thing I will say right up front is that this is going to require a large amount of your time, but in a year or so you will see much better results than with any program you can buy or pay to learn.

The first thing I want you to under stand is that you are not going to succeed in this business by being a blogger. You must learn to be an internet marketer. What I mean by this is that you must stop chasing social traffic and learn how the best source of online traffic in the world works. Google will provide you with all the traffic you need to make gobs of cash if you just know how to make a web site that is favorable in their eyes.In the game of learning to make money the first thing you need to know is that Free search traffic equals money. Yes it is that simple, it costs you no money to rank high on Google search pages yet this is exactly how to make money!

The simplest way I can layout to you how to accomplish ranking high in Google Searches would be to first figure out a niche that you can monetize. By this i mean don't pick something like why do turtles lay eggs at night, while this term would be easy to dominate due to the fact that not many people would even care about this, how many people do you think are selling products that are closely related to this term? But you could pick a topic such as How to care for a turtle (I have not researched this term it is just an example). Now where the money is at is by targeting your posts about this topic to very specific keywords. If i were to choose Turtles as my niche that was going to make me money I would want to be sure that there would be ads available for this topic. This can be accomplished by doing a quick search on this topic. If you go to websites for this term and see adsense ads then its a good indication that there are people advertising for this. Now when you start creating your post you want to try and stay on topic or you will not make much money off the ad clicks.

Once you are bringing in good traffic on a narrow topic you can narrow it down eventually to just your Main keyword (turtles for example) In the next post I will go deeper into how to make money using these tactics and best of all no money will be spent if you follow my advice as all this is done off completely organic search traffic.

Good Luck Guys


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