Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Learn to Make Money Online with SEO

SEO Techniques can be quite powerful when trying to obtain organic visitors to your website or blog and will be your best friend if you are trying to Make Money Online. Following this advice will give you a huge head start in the ways of SEO. First of all you need to decide what keyword you will use. Google Adwords Keyword tool is a good tool to use to start your keyword search. Your main keyword should have no less than 3000 searches per month. It will be quite hard to get to the top of page 1 for a highly popular search at first. In order to counter this problem you should also target some keywords that are related to your main keyword but somewhat less popular in search terms.

As I said it is difficult to rank page 1 on a popular keyword such as Make Money Online so in order to counter this problem we will first try and rank up for the term How to Make Money Online for Beginners. You will need to be sure to keep the correct keyword density throughout your article in order to be indexed properly for you keyword. Keeping your keyword density around 4% is optimal and very necessary if you plan to Make Money Online using SEO.

You should never use duplicate content from someone else articles. This is not an effective way to rank high in the search results. If the article is good enough to get ranked in the first place it is doubtful that posting it again elsewhere will get it any higher. Get used to producing you own content if you want to Make Money Online. Original content may in fact be the single most weighted factor in Google's SERP ranking formulas. The next factor would most likely be age. Google sees which article has been around longer. Only after these two factor would Google look to backlinks. Google sees backlinks as vote, so yes it is basically a popularity contest at this point.

Ranking high is not to hard to do without backlinks but it will be very time consuming. There is another choice you can make if you are the type that simply doesn’t write articles. Based on your keywords article writing companies will produce articles for you. There is a nominal fee for this service but like anything else, Do it the cheap and hard way or the fast and expensive way. Following these tips will be a sure fire way to get you on you way to the top of the rankings and if you want to Make Money Online using SEO then this is the way you should go.

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