Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Learning to Make Money Online with SEO for beginners

Optimizing your website using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be one of the most lucrative ways to get 100% free traffic and get your self on track to Making Money Online with SEO. It is pretty easy to get your website up to speed by using the following strategies. You will first need to pick out a Main keyword to base your website or blog about. The best way to do that is by using Google's excellent tool called Adwords keyword tool. Your main keyword should have no less than 3000 searches per month. we will begin by using long tail keywords as it is very difficult to rank on page 1 for most popular search terms. To give you an example of a long tailed keyword, lets assume you picked "Making Bread" as your keyword. It might be difficult to rank number 1 for this keyword as you first start out so we will first try to rank for "Learning to be the best at Making Bread". You will need to be sure to keep the correct keyword density throughout your article in order to be indexed properly for you keyword. The best Keyword Density seems to be 3-5%. If you plan to make money then you must master the art of blending in your keywords with your article without looking like you are adding them in. This is the root of how you Make Money Online using SEO. You should never use duplicate content from someone else articles. This is not an effective way to rank high in the search results. If the article is good enough to get ranked in the first place it is doubtful that posting it again elsewhere will get it any higher. I know its painful to write articles for some of you but it is absolutely necessary that you only post original content It is my belief that Google pays more attention to original content than any other factor including backlinks. Age may be the next factor when Google determines which article should be given higher rank priority. Backlinks will be the next thing Google looks at if it is at odds when trying to place duplicate content over original content. It is very possible to rank high with no backlinks at all but as you can see it will take some work. Now if you are one of the many people out there that simply cannot or will not produce your own original articles then you do have another option. Use an article writing service to write your SEO optimized articles for you based on your keywords. Of course they will charge you for this service but it can be affordable if you have chosen the right keywords that will payoff. Studying the ways of SEO will teach you how to Make Money Online.

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