Saturday, May 30, 2009

Make Money Online by Posting links on Google

If you want to learn how to make money online without spending your own money then posting advertising links through Google adsense is for you. I have seen a ton of ads on Google search results claiming you can get paid to post links on Google, what I have to say about most of them is that they are misleading to say the least. They way they sound to the average reader is that Google is going to pay you for putting up links on search results or something to that nature.

In reality the only program that Google does have that pays you for links is Google adsense and there is a way to make good money with this program, but it is not as easy as these more common ads make it sound. The way to make money with this program is to write targeted blogs about niche topics that have a high cpc (cost per click as shown in the Google adwords keyword tool) and that have a high search volume monthly. Just as an example if you can get on page 1 of a keyword on Google (preferably spot #1) that has a search volume of 30,000 per month with a cpc of $2.00 as long as you have done your job correctly and optimized your blog around your keyword, then you can expect to make around $750 per month! The best part about this method is that once you have done the hard work and your blog is on top of the serp's you will make the money and it will take very little maintenance to keep it there.

To sum it all up dont fall for a program that charges you to allow you to post links to Google and make money doing it.

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