Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Legit ways to Make Money Online

Legit ways to Make Money Online can be hard to find if you do no know where to look. There is always someone standing in the shadows waiting to take your hard earned Money. Everywhere you turn online someone knows how to make you rich instantly, or make you $132,356 in 48 hours, or teach you to quit your day job in 2 weeks.

So, what are you supposed to do? I cant tell you this any more clearly than this, Don't give anyone your money for them to teach you to make money. Think about it for a minute, if they already make that much money then why do they bother charging you a measly $47 dollars to show you how they do it? The answer is really quite simple, They make money from teaching people to make money. In short these are not legit programs that will make you money online.

Next you need to learn that Traffic equal Money online, but not just any traffic, we want good old Organic search traffic from Google. This is the "paying type of traffic". If you can get Google search traffic and lots of it then you can get rich. If you were to Rank number 1 for the search term Money or Loans then you would have more money than you could spend. Simple statistics show that you will get between 1-10% of the people that come to your site to click through on an ad link or banner. The term Money is searched an average of 30 million times a month around the world. This term also has a CPC of $2.51, which means you would be paid around $0.50 per click you got on your adsense ads for the search term money. Now for this search term you would get between 300,000 and 3,000,000 clicks on your ads based off the 30 million searches a month. Lets go with the low number. 300,000 x $0.50 = $150,000 a month!!! could you live on that? Thats only 1.8 million a year.

Now for reality. You cant rank number 1 for the search term Money, not yet anyways. It is much easier for you to start out with a longtail key word such as "How to Make Money Online for Beginners" (Hint: Money is not the best niche, use adwords keyword tool to find a better one)
Now with longtails you can begin to rank up for less competative keywords and as a bonus it will start you ranking up for your main keyword. Google can pick and choose words from with in you long tails.

Ok thats enough for today, Ill add more later.



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